Innosilicon A10/A10 Pro Upgrade Service

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The Innosilicon A10/A10 Pro/A10+ Upgrade Service will upgrade the memory by swapping the specific memory chips on the hashboard.

Select the amount of memory you would like to add to your unit:

  • Add 1GB to the Innosilicon A10 4GB unit to transform it to the Innosilicon A10 Pro 5GB.
  • Add 2GB to the Innosilicon A10 4GB unit to transform it to the Innosilicon A10 Pro 6GB and so forth.

The maximum amount is 8GB!

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Depending on the load on our technicians, we will be able to finalize the work within two to three weeks.

Shipping instructions:

  • Ship the unit(s) to our shipping address which is given on the contact page. Make sure to insure the shipment. We are not liable for any damages or loss during shipment.
  • In order to prevent any delays, make sure to print your order confirmation and to add it to the shipment.


Q: After shipping what happens next?
A: After receiving the miner, we will test and confirm the working conditions of the miner. If there are no, damages done during shipment, we will start the upgrade as soon as possible.

Q: Do I ship the entire miner or just the hashboard(s)?
A:  In order for us to test on arrival, we need to receive the entire miner.

Q: How to proceed with the order?
A:  Send us an email that you will be sending your miner to us. We will confirm your request and send you the payment and shipping instructions.

Q: How long does the upgrade take?
A: ~15 to 25 working days.

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