DDR3 SO-DIMM to DIMM adapter card

  • Use and test DDR3 laptop SO-DIMM in DDR3 desktop DIMM slot.
  • Connectors: DDR3 204 pin laptop SO-DIMM slot & DDR3 240 pin desktop DIMM male connector.
  • Allows us to use our standard test bench machines to test laptop RAM.
  • this is simply an adapter that converts 204 pin laptop DDR3 to 240 pin desktop DDR3. So yes, if you have the 204 pin DDR3 laptop memory and plan on using it in a 240 pin desktop PC, and that is the memory speed that your PC calls for, it will work.

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  • It is an adapter of laptop Internal Memory to Desktop RAM
  • Use and test DDR3 Laptop SO-DIMM in DDR3 Desktop DIMM slot.
  • Connectors: DDR3 204 Pin laptop SO-DIMM slot & DDR3 240 Pin desktop DIMM male connector.
  • Great accessory for computer.
  • Dimension: 133mm* 37mm”* 3mm”(L * W * H)

Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 133 × 37 × 3 mm

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