Dell 1400W Platinum Power Supply D1200E-S1 DPS-1200MB-1 A


Platinum Power Supply D1200E-S1 DPS-1200MB-1 A

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Dell’s 200-240V 1400 watt power supply is quite popular, despite not having a Common Slot power bar. A redundant PSU safe-guards your system from power failure and eliminates system downtime by allowing for a safe hot swap replacement.

Certified to perform at 94% efficiency, increase your ROI by upgrading to this more efficient server power supply. More importantly, enjoy unmatched reliability; unlike ATX power supplies, the Dell DPS-1200MB can withstand the harsh environment of a 24/7/365 mining operation. Server power supplies are designed to run 24/7 for years, even at 100% load.

1400 Watt Power Supply Specifications:

  • Input: 200V-240V 9.0A
  • Max Output: 1400 Watt
  • Input Connector: C13
  • Efficiency Rating: 80 Plus Platinum 94%

Part Numbers: DPS-1200MB A, D1200E-S0, 0MYV71, 04V04J, 0KJYY0, 0F37X3, DPS-1200MB-1 A, D1200E-S1, 0RN0HH, 0CN35N, 0GJJRR, DPS-1200MB-1 B, D1200E-S2, 0J8HPV, 01CNYW, 0FRVCP, DPS-1200MB-1 C

Compatible Breakout Boards:

  • X6B X-Adapter Rev: 6B, chain sync 8 port
  • X7B X-Adapter Rev: 7B, chain sync 12 port
  • X11 X-Adapter Rev: 11, chain sync 16 port
  • X12 X-Adapter Rev: 12, chain sync 16 port
  • DPS-1200FB/QB A Breakout Board 10-Port 6-Pin Adapter
  • 6-Port Breakout Board Adapter
  • DPS-1200FB/QB A Breakout Board 9-Port 6-Pin + 1-Port 4-Pin Adapter
  • Breakout Board 17-Port ATX64P6-N04 VER006S Adapter

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