Dual 120mm Shroud

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Pack of 10 screws for Shroud Kit

This pack of screws will let you secure your shroud to your Bitmain Antminer.

You cannot use the screws that secured the fan as they are way to long: they will damage the hashboards of your miner or even create a fire because of short-circuit.

This is a pack of 10 screws that can be safely used to secure your shrouds on your miner.

Size: M4x12mm

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We are selling a 3D printed air fan adapter 2x120mm or 2×140 to 6 inches/150mm or 8’/200mm.

⛏️ Usable in ASIC like AntMiners S19j S17 S15 T15 DR5 or any dual 120mm…

🌬️ Suitable for any in line air extractor like AC Infinity, Aygrochy, Aruobru…

🏭 This item is printed using industrial 3D printers with a special thermoplastic used in the automotive industry as it has excellent mechanical properties and is heat resistant (PETG HT that sustain 90°C).

🤫 Enjoy a near-silent mining experience with improved cooling performance.

💨 Our airflow-optimized design ensures that your device remains cool without generating excessive noise.

🛡️ Our SecureGrip system enhances friction securing the shroud to a duct or a fan.

🚀 Not only will our product make your mining experience quieter, but they also provide superior cooling performance compared to other solutions. You can achieve lower operating temperatures for your mining equipment, which results in longer device longevity and better performance overall. You can even overclock your device with confidence, knowing that it’s running at optimal temperatures.

💻 Can be custom designed to fit any ASIC.

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DR5, S15, S17, S19J, T15

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2x120mm to 6'/150mm, 2x120mm to 8'/200mm, 2x140mm to 8'/150mm, 2x140mm to 8'/200mm