Hydro Liquid Cooling Radiator Kit for Antminer/Whatsminer

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The Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit is compatible with all Antminer Hydro series and Whatsminer Hydro series.

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Product Glance
Capacity ~8L
Power Connector Type C14 *1; need to match C13 power cord / 220V
Power Consumption 0.42KW
Product Size 80*18*50(CM)
Pipe Diameter Inlet and outlet diameter 16MM (to be matched with a pipe with an outer diamter of 16MM)
Applicable maximum ambient temperature 50°C
Working Noise 20-80 dB
Water Velocity 11L/min
Temperature difference between ambient temperature and inlet water temperature 10°C
Fan speed range 500-6000 RPM

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Hydro kit