The Goat Intake 8″ Shroud V12 for 19 Series

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The Antminer Intake + Exhaust 8″ Shroud V12 Bundle for 19 Series is printed in PETG and comes in mixed colors and sizes.

The Goat Exhaust 8" Shroud V12 for 19 Series

The The Goat Exhaust 8" Shroud V12 for 19 Series is 3D printed in PETG.

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This listing is for the Intake/PUSH only.

⚡️ Welcome to the next generation of Antminer air cooling! Upgrade your mining equipment with our Intake shroud, designed specifically for ASIC miners like the S19 variants.

💨 Experience improved cooling performance and a near-silent mining operation like never before. Compatible with any 200mm inline air extractor like AC Infinity, Aygrochy, Aruobru…

What’s New:

➡️ Airflow Directional Channel: We’ve optimized the volume of air entering the ASIC enclosure and PSU, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency.

Quality and Performance:

🛠️ Industrial 3D Printing: We use high-quality industrial 3D printers to create these shrouds, using a special thermoplastic widely used in the automotive industry. Expect excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance (PETG HT that sustain 90°C).

🥶 Lower Operating Temperatures: With our airflow-optimized design, you can achieve lower operating temperatures for your mining equipment, leading to prolonged device life and superior performance.

🏁 Overclock with Confidence: Our cooling solution ensures optimal temperatures even during overclocking, providing peace of mind and improved mining efficiency.

✔️ Wide Compatibility: Our shrouds allow for easy wall-mounting, optimizing space and flexibility in your mining setup.
Suitable for all S19 variants and customizable for other ASIC models, our product adapts to your specific mining needs. Please check compatibility with your hardware before purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 120 mm


Product type


Distance from PSU

30mm, 60mm (most common), 90mm, 210mm