“The Goat” S21 Shroud V12 – BUNDLE Intake + Exhaust – (8’/200mm)

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The bundle Intake+Exhaust consist of 2 shrouds: One on the front and one on the back. Front is 200mm and back is 195mm.

⚡️ Welcome to the next generation of Antminer air cooling! Upgrade your mining equipment with our Intake/exhaust bundle, designed specifically for the Antminer S21 ASIC.

💨 Experience improved cooling performance and a near-silent mining operation like never before. Compatible with any 200mm inline air extractor like AC Infinity, Aygrochy, Aruobru…

What’s New:

➡️ Airflow Directional Channel: We’ve optimized the volume of air entering the ASIC enclosure and PSU, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency.

🗜️Air Proofing: Our innovative design includes a foam gasket around the PSU exit to prevent air leaks, enhancing overall cooling effectiveness.

Quality and Performance:

🛠️ Industrial 3D Printing: We use high-quality industrial 3D printers to create these shrouds, using a special thermoplastic widely used in the automotive industry. Expect excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance (PETG HT that sustain 90°C).

🥶 Lower Operating Temperatures: With our airflow-optimized design, you can achieve lower operating temperatures for your mining equipment, leading to prolonged device life and superior performance.

🏁 Overclock with Confidence: Our cooling solution ensures optimal temperatures even during overclocking, providing peace of mind and improved mining efficiency.

✔️ Wide Compatibility: Our shrouds allow for easy wall-mounting, optimizing space and flexibility in your mining setup.
Please check compatibility with your hardware before purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 120 mm


Product type


Distance from PSU

30mm, 60mm (most common), 90mm, 210mm