Vonets VAP11G WiFi Bridge

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The Vonets VAP11G WiFi Bridge allows a device to connect using the WiFi network so no ethernet cable is needed.

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Vonets VAP11G WiFi Bridge allows a WiFi connection in devices that only have RJ45 network port. Its simple setup, in 2 minutes. Need feeding between 5V and 15V obtainable USB port or external power supply.


  • It can be used for any wireless network product.
  • IEEE 802.11 B/G compliant.
  • Support WEP (64 & 128 bits), WPA y WPA2 Security access.
  • Support SSID broadcast.
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz.
  • Reception signal 100 meters without obstacles, but between 25 and 30 meters.
  • The new addition of a USB wire is to connect a computer (desktop, laptop)for power, no need extra power adapter.
  • Support Wifi model: AP Client
  • Dimensiones muy pequeñas: 1.5cm x 4.5cm x 9cm.
  • Certificado CE.
  • Support any VoIP ATAs and VoIP Phones.
  • Support any IP camera.

There are 2 ways to feed the VAP11G directly connecting it to a USB port or using a DC ADAPTER should not exceed 15V. In this way we can power the device itself, Ip camera, receiver, etc …

We only have to install the software on a PC or Laptop to connect the set and finally VAP11G RJ45 cable to the device.

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